Virtual Classroom 虛擬教室

The virtual classroom is to be used by students of the Institute of Holistic Healthcare who have enrolled in its semester based programs.  You may download course materials and do discussions in the virtual classroom.  You would need a password to access the page for the particular program.  Please request a password from your teacher or our management if you are a student of an eligible program.   Please keep this password secret and safe.  If you are unable to login with your existing password, the password may have been changed and you would need to request an updated one from our management.  Please email us at [email protected] for any enquiries or password request.

虛擬教室是為本院學期制學生而設的網上資源,你可以通過虛擬教室下載課程資訊和進行討論。 你需要一個密碼以進入虛擬教室,如果你是本院學期制課程的學生,請向你的老師或本院行政人員領取密碼。 請不要將密碼透露給第三者,如果你不能以密碼進入虛擬教室,有可能是密碼已經變更,請向本院行政人員領取新密碼。 如有查詢或獲取密碼,請電郵至 [email protected]