Yoga 瑜伽

Lilian Wong 擁有Iyengar瑜伽導師認証及YogaWorks導師文憑,自 2007 年以來,一直跟從著名的 Iyengar 瑜伽老師 Peter Scott 學習,她也是一位經驗豐富的皮拉提斯老師,並獲得 Physicalmind Institute 及 STOTT PILATES®證書及教學資格精確體位法是 Lilian 對瑜伽和皮拉提斯練習的主要焦點,她以循序漸進的教學方法授課,提供多一層次的瑜伽和皮拉提斯課程。

Lilian Wong, Iyengar-Certified and YogaWorks Diploma certified yoga teahcer, Lilian has been studying with renowned Iyengar Teacher Peter Scott since 2007. Alignment is the major focus in Lilian’s yoga practice and she provides a thougtful flow and sequence to her multi-level yoga classes.

Lilian is also an experienced Pilates teacher, Certified in Pilates (Physicalmind Instititute and STOTT Pilates).

Janet 擁有 Iyengar 瑜伽 L 及 YogaWorks 導師資格。自 2007 年跟從著名的 Iyengar 瑜伽老師 Peter Scott。認識正確瑜伽體位對式子練習的重要性。另外, Janet也擁有Physicalmind Institute, AASFP及 STOTT Pilates皮拉提之墊子, 輔具及器械床教學認証。

Janet is a Iyengar certified and YogaWorks certified yoga teacher. Janet has been studying with renowned Iyengar teacher Peter Scott since 2007. Recognize the importance of correct yoga position on yoga practice. Janet is also a Pilates teacher, certified in Pilates (Physicalmind Institute,STOTT PILATES and AASFP), Mat, equipment and Reformer.

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