Sindy’s Yoga 瑜伽


蕭善芬  Sindy Siu
瑜伽導師  Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher

About Sindy 關於導師:

Iyengar Yoga Junior Intermediate I Teacher Training
Rainbow Kids and Family Yoga Teacher Training
Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training
Hot Yoga Teacher Training
Yoga Works Teacher Training
Yoga Works 瑜伽導師教學認證

Beginner 對於初學者 會跟老師示範動作去模仿練習。從站立、前彎、後彎、扭轉、倒及、腹部及恢復(Restorative)動作去練習基本動作。但以站立為基本去建立基本瑜伽動作概念去打穩基礎,循遞漸進地練習去鍛練及了解身體作出日後加深練習。有時會利用輔助具去幫助身體伸展。

Advanced 對於資深練習者 從不同練習方式去鍛練個別式子或從不同角度去針對身體個別部份去練習。例如足踝、膝、盆骨(髋部)、下腰背、背部、胸腔、肩膀和頸。從練習動作中,作出微調去認知身體反應及改善身體空間。

8 Classes   Introducing Iyengar yoga course

  1. Standing Pose ( Upright + balance) and seated pose (upright)
    -Learn how to stand on the feet and the legs with alignment to stand upright during practise Standing pose and balance on the feet during practise balance pose.
    -To build up the strength of the leg
    -In seated pose, learn how to sit on the hip to let the spine lift with light feeling.
  2. Standing Pose (Forward bend) and Seated Pose (Forward bend)
    -Learn how to keep the leg muscle lift (strength leg muscle) and fold the hip joint into Standing Forward bend Pose.
    -Learn how to sit on the hip and work on leg and arm action during practise seated forward bend pose to enlongate the spine and calm the mind. To increase flexibility on the back leg and spine and also calm the mind.
  3. Standing Pose (Twist) and Seated Pose (Twist)
    -Learn how to use the leg and hip action/ movement to relief back muscle. Through practise twist pose to nourish and rejuvenating the spine.
  4. Standing Pose (Hip Opening) and Seated Pose (Hip Opening)
    -Learn how to strength the leg muscle and relief release the tension of hip joint through practice standing and seated poses properly to recreate the freedom around the joints and improve the body circulation.
  5. Back bend Pose
    -Learn how to use arm and leg action and movement to open the heart and roll the shoulder back and down to promote flexibility strengthen back muscle and boot up energy.
  6. Inversion
    -Inversion pose is Anti-gravity and anti-aging pose and learn how to defy gravity with these step-by-step instructions. How to prepare for it and stay safe in inversion poses.
  7. Arm balance
    -Learn to work on arm and leg to strengthen and tone the cure, thighs and arms when hanging in arm balance pose.
  8. Restorative Pose.
    -Relax, Relax and Relax. Restorative pose can help to relax and calm entired body and mind. And restore /re-gain energy back after the whole busy day.

你可選擇 you can choose:

私人指導/ 臨床瑜伽 Individual Class / Clinical Yoga

個別專門指導或臨床瑜伽課程, 以矯正身體的結構和功能問題。
Individual or clinical yoga class can help to adjust the structure and function of the body


Couple and Friend can practice together


*如額外每加一人, 加$192 (1小時)/ $240 (1.5小時)
Family & Friend can practice together, up to 4 people per class
*Add $192 per hour or $240 per 1.5 hours for each additional member.

Price 費用

1 Hour (1小時) $768
1.5 Hours (1.5小時) $960

Special Promotion 特別優惠:

Get 10% OFF if you prepay for an 8 sessions program

Get 5% OFF if you prepay for a 4 sessions program

For additional information and enquiries, please contact 查詢及報名

Tel 電話: 3741 1970 / 2537 2083
Fax 傳真: 2125 8825
Email 電郵: [email protected]
上課地點: 九龍彌敦道788-790號利美大廈9字樓 (港鐵太子站A出口)
Address: 9/F, Lee May Building, 788-790 Nathan Road, Kowloon (MTR Price Edward Exit A)