Silver Ion Antimicrobial Spray 銀離子滅菌消毒液

Silver Ion Antimicrobial Spray 銀離子滅菌消毒液   (100mL)
原價: $60
特價: $36.0

銀離子是帶正電荷的陽離子 (Ag+),通常以水溶液形式存在。銀離子具有氧化作用,快速滅菌,可在日常生活中用於殺菌消毒。

Uses of silver ions
Silver ions are positively charged cations (Ag+), usually in the form of an aqueous solution. Silver ions have an oxidizing effect and is antimicrobial. It can be used for sterilization and disinfection in daily life.

Contains Silver Ion (Ag+) and 75% Alcohol

To be used as hand rub, spray on surfaces, handles and clothes as appropriate

*只供外用 For Topical Use Only
*遠離火種 Inflammable