Madrid School of Osteopathy Seminars 2020

The First Formal Professional Education Program of Osteopathy in Hong Kong, Greater China and East Asia

Certified to have met The European Standard on Osteopathic Healthcare Provision (EN 16686) of the European Committee on Standardization

In most European countries, Osteopathy is a postgraduate continuing education curriculum for Physiotherapists. The primary cohort of students is Physiotherapists. Other healthcare professionals may also apply.

This is a 5-year program comprising of two stages:

1 – 10 seminars will be held in two years.  Students may take them in sequence or individually.  Upon completion of all seminars and passing an examination, Master of Osteopathy in neuromusculoskeletal system will be awarded and the student will be eligible for enrolling in stage 2.  Physiotherapists may also apply to UPSA for an MSc degree.  

2 – three year program leading to the D.O. degree according to the European Osteopathy Framework.

General goals

At the end of the course, the student will have the basic knowledge about history, osteopathic methodology, and osteopathic clinical reasoning, and the student will get another point of view, to achieve the best resolution of the pathology he faces.

The main goal is to know more deeply the problem of the patient’s health, both in the evaluation and in the therapeutic aspect.

Seminar 1: Methodological Bases of Osteopathy
Date: 25-28/4/2020 (Sat-Tue)

Seminar 2: Osteopathic approach to the sacroiliac joint
Date: 30/4-3/5/2020 (Thu-Sun)

Seminar 3: Osteopathic treatment to the scapular girdle
Date: 10-13/10/2020 (Sat-Tue)

Seminar 4: Osteopathic approach to the cervical spine
Date: 15-18/10/2020 (Thu-Sun)

Seminar 5: The Thorax
Date: 9-12/1/2021 (Sat-Tue)

Seminar 6: The T12-L1 joint and diaphragm
Date: 14-17/1/2021 (Thu-Sun)

Seminar 7: Lumbar pain and sciatica
Date: 1-4/5/2021 (Sat-Tue)

Seminar 8: Cervicobrachial syndrome
Date: 6-9/5/2021 (Thu-Sun)

Seminar 9: Osteopathic approach to the foot and ankle
Date: 7-10/8/2021 (Sat-Tue)

Seminar 10: Osteopathic dysfunctions of the hip and knee
Date: 12-15/8/2021 (Thu-Sun)

*Dates are tentative and may need to be changed if situation demands

Time: 9:00am – 7:00pm
Venue: To be confirmed
Course Fee: USD1,098 per seminar (USD1=HKD7.8)
Upon application, a Non-refundable Deposit of HKD500 is payable
Course Fee is to be paid 6-8 weeks prior to each semester
– 10% off for Payment of 5 seminars or more at once

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