Happy Lunar New Year 恭賀新禧

Kung Hei Fat Choy
Happy Lunar New Year!


Please note that our clinic will be closed from the afternoon of 24th Jan to 28th Jan 2020 during the Lunar New Year and will resume service from 29th Jan 2020.

農曆新年 應診時間:
Kerry Fung 30/1/2020 (年初)
Ray To  30/1/2020 (年初)
Derek Chan  4/2/2020 (年初十一)
Elmen Fan  30/1/2020 (年初)
Jonas Lam  1/2/2020 (年初)
Kelvin Tam  29/1/2020 (年初)
Steven Tang 3/2/2020 (年初)

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