Fascial Balancing Series 2018

In more than a decade since the Institute of Holistic Healthcare was established, it is for the first time when ALL FOUR Modules of the Fascial Balancing or Fascial Release Techniques is going to be offered in the same year in 2018.

Fascial Balancing or Fascial Release Techniques treats the fascial system of the body and addresses different layers of the fascial and its related structures, including muscles, nerves, blood vessels, lymphatics, cerebral spinal fluid, connective tissues and organs.

Each of the Techniques is useful in its own right and the combination of different techniques can virtually treat all areas and disorders of the body.

All programs are designed to emphasize in both theoretical knowledge and practical skills so that you can understand the rationale and reasoning of the techniques as well as to gain skills that can be immediately used in practice.

Module Course Instructor Date Language Course Fee
1 Myofacial Release Kerry Fung 17-18, 24-25/3/2018 Chinese $5480
2 Craniosacral Therapy Kerry Fung 5-6, 12-13/5/2018 Chinese $5480
3 Advanced Craniosacral Therapy Kerry Fung 7-8, 14-15/7/2018 Chinese $5480
4 Visceral Manipulation Kerry D’Ambrogio 11-15/10/2018 English $6980

Special Offer:
5% Early Bird Discount (8 weeks before each module)

 ***5% Students/New Graduates Discount (Proof required)

Venue:  9/F, Lee May Building, 788-790 Nathan Road, Kln.

Read more, you can visit:  http://www.iholistic.org/programs/program-information/

Online registration: http://www.iholistic.org/events/fascial-balancing-series-2018/

Facial Balancing