EOM Admission 入學資格

Entrance Requirements 入學要求

The entrance to the MSc and D.O. Program of EOM requires:
入讀MSc和D.O. EOM課程要求:

Primary Cohort 第一組別:

  • Registered Physiotherapist / Physical Therapist (or equivalent in countries that do not have a register for physiotherapists)
  • An entry level degree to Physiotherapy of 4 years bachelor degree or above, or equivalent.
  • Capable of using English as a medium of education*.
  • 註冊物理治療師(或在沒有物理治療師註冊的國家的同等資格)
  • 須有物理治療4年本科或更高學歷,或同等學歷。
  • 能夠使用英語作為學習媒介*。

Students fulfilling the above requirement will be eligible for the award of the Professional Diploma in Osteopathy by EOM(HK) upon successful completion of the first two years of study.  They may be eligible for the MSc degree in Structural Osteopathy upon application to EOM.

符合上述要求的學生將有資格在EOM(香港)入讀完成兩年的課程後,獲得整骨醫學文憑。物理治療師可向 EOM 申請以獲得結構性整骨醫學理學碩士學位。

The further three years of study would lead to the award of the Professional Diploma in Osteopathy issued by EOM(HK).  Graduates may apply to EOM and be awarded the professional doctoral degree of D.O. according to the European Osteopathy Framework upon fulfilment of the Thesis requirement of the Thesis Committee of the Scientific European Federation of Osteopaths, SEFO.

其後的三年課程將會由EOM(香港)頒發的整骨醫學專業文憑。畢業生可向EOM申請,根據歐洲整骨醫學框架,依照歐洲整骨醫學科學聯合會(SEFO)的論文委員會要求完成論文後,授予整骨醫學專業博士學位 (D.O.)。

Secondary Cohort 第二組別:

The following healthcare practitioners may also apply for and study in the 5 year program leading to the Professional Diploma in Osteopathy awarded by EOM(HK) and may be eligible for the D.O. degree upon application to EOM, but they are NOT eligible for the award of the MSc degree in Structural Osteopathy:


  • Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner with entry level degree of BCM, Bachelors Degree in Chinese Medicine (e.g. BHSc in Chinese Medicine) or equivalent
  • Registered Medical Practitioner with entry level degree of MB, BS; or MD, or equivalent
  • Registered Nurse with a Bachelors Degree in Nursing or above
  • Registered Chiropractor with an entry level Bachelors or DC Degree
  • Students must be capable of using English as a medium of education*.
  • 註冊中醫師,具有准入課程的中醫學士學位、醫療科學(中醫學)學士學位或同等學歷
  • 註冊西醫,具有MB,BS;、MD,或同等學歷
  • 註冊護士,具有護理學士學位或以上學歷
  • 註冊脊醫,具有准入課程學士學位或DC學位
  • 學生必須能夠使用英語作為學習媒介*。

Tertiary Cohort 第三組別:

The following people may apply for the program strictly on a case by case basis:

  • Registered or Licensed Massage Therapist with a Bachelors Degree or above
  • Registered Occupational Therapist with a Bachelors Degree or above
  • Sports Trainer / Sports Therapist / Athletic Trainer / Personal Trainer with a Bachelors Degree or above
  • Mature student (age over 25 years) with a Bachelors Degree or above in a discipline related to health care, human biology, kinesiology, manual therapy or equivalent
  • 註冊或認可按摩治療師,具有學士學位或以上學歷
  • 註冊職業治療師,具有學士學位或以上學歷
  • 體育教練/運動治療師/運動防護員/私人教練,具有學士學位或以上學歷
  • 成年學生(25歲以上)在與醫療保健、人類生物學、運動學、手法治療或類似學科有關的學科,具有學士學位或以上學歷

Students admitted from the tertiary cohort may be required to take additional courses in human anatomy, human physiology, pathology, psychology, therapeutics, manual skills or other subjects prior to graduation.  Students must be capable of using English as a medium of education.  Detail in credentials and testimony is required for consideration upon application.

從第三組別招收的學生可能需要在畢業前參加人類解剖學、人類生理學、病理學、心理學、治療學、手法技能或其他科目的額外課程。 申請時需要提供證書以作申請考慮。

Students must be capable of using English as a medium of education*.

Please email to [email protected] for any enquiries.

如有任何查詢,請電郵至[email protected]

* The entry level qualification / Bachelors degree of the students should be a program primarily taught in English language.  Otherwise, English proficiency may be indicated by:

*學生的准入課程資格/學士學位應該是主要用英語授課的課程。 否則,可通過以下方式表示英語能力:

  • Level 2 or above in English in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education examination
  • Grade E or above in English (Syllabus B) or Grade C or above in English (Syllabus A) in the Hong Kong Certificate of Education examination
  • Level 6.5 or above in all subjects of the IELTS examination
  • Equivalent competency certification as above
  • 香港中學文憑考試中的英文水平為2級或以上
  • 香港中學會考中的英語(課程B)E級或 (課程A)C級或以上
  • 雅思(IELTS)考試所有科目的成績為6.5或以上
  • 或與上述同等的學歷