About Us 關於我們

The Institute of Holistic Healthcare was established in 2005 by healthcare practitioners for practitioners providing clinical education programs in physiotherapy and holistic healthcare.

Physiotherapy is derived from the Greek prefix “physio-” (physis) and suffix “-therapy” (therapeia) which mean “nature” and “treatment” respectively. It expresses a great meaning of healing the body naturally and holistically using the forces of Nature.

The Institute organizes courses for healthcare practitioners and the public with the objective to improve hands-on clinical practice. We encompass both Western and Chinese philosophies of healthcare for an all round perspective.

Students participated in our courses include physiotherapists, medical doctors, Chinese medicine practitioners, occupational therapists, nurses, dentists, massage therapists, sports coaches and trainers, etc.

The curricula of the Institute include:

– Acupuncture
– Anatomy & Physiology
– Body Adjustment (Total Body Balancing)
– BodyTalk
– Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
– Craniosacral Therapy
– Ergonomics
– Health Education Seminars
– Lymphatic Drainage Therapy
– Manipulative Therapy
– Massage Therapy
– Muscle Energy Technique
– Myofascial Release
– On-field Sports Physiotherapy Service
– Osteopathy
– Positional Release Therapy (Strain/Counerstrain)
– Sports First Aid
– Sports Taping
– Sports Training
– Traditional Chinese Medicine
– Visceral Manipulation
– etc.

In order to improve the effectiveness of education, we adopt a small class approach to ensure that students can get the best care and supervision from the instructors. We operate at a not-for-profit principle so that course fees are only used to cover the expenditure to organize the courses and for curriculum development


整全保健學院成立於2005年,是一所由專業醫療人員為專業人員而設的進修學院,成立初期以物理治療持續專業教育和整全醫學概念的推廣為主要目標。 其後學院的教育範疇不斷擴展,現在學員除了有物理治療師、中醫、西醫、護士、職業治療師、脊醫、牙醫等專業人士外,亦有推拿治療師、運動防護員、急救員等醫療人員,其他人士如教練和一般社會大眾。

學院的辦學宗旨是以自然和整全的概念,融和中西醫學和健康哲理,以推廣「以人為本、天人合一」的健康理念。 學院的課程向以實用見稱,務使學員能學以致用,將知識和技能直接應用到臨床上和實際操作上。


– 針灸學
– 應用解剖學及生理學
– 整體調整手法(整體平衡手法)
– 身心傳信
– 心肺復甦法(基本生命支援術)
– 顱骶治療學
– 人體工學
– 健康教育
– 淋巴引流治療
– 關節舒整治療學
– 推拿治療學
– 肌肉能量法
– 肌筋膜鬆弛法
– 駐場物理治療
– 整骨醫學
– 體位鬆弛法
– 運動急救
– 運動繃貼法
– 運動防護學
– 中醫學
– 內臟手法
– 等等